Monday, March 28, 2011

Scratch that.

It is 7:00 AM and I officially did not sleep a wink last night. I can feel my head and my body turning sluggish now but try as I might I could not coax myself to sleep at all, even after I finished writing that last post. The alarm clock on my cell phone is set to go off in thirty minutes, but I just turned it off since there is clearly no way that I will fall asleep between now and then. Watching the sun ascend was sort of cool, I suppose, since our dorm room has an entire wall of huge windows. Still, though, I would have much preferred to sleep for five hours and catch the sunrise another day.

Caffeine has no affect on me (thanks, ADHD) and I therefore have absolutely no idea how I am going to function until five o'clock, which is when I will finally return to my dorm room. The only good news that comes from this whole mess is the fact that I will be exhausted by the time tonight rolls around, and (hopefully!) should have no problem falling asleep. I just hope I do not drift off before I have finished all of my work.

What do people do to stay awake without drinking coffee or tea or those terrible energy drinks? Hit themselves? Slap their faces with cold water any time they have access to a bathroom? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe I will just wear a t-shirt and a skirt without tights and freeze to stay awake...

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