Sunday, February 19, 2012

I just searched for "relaxing music" on Spotify

and I am now listening to a song with some sort of wooden flute and rain and distant thunder in the background. It is so incredibly calming and I just want to fall asleep. I currently am working on an astronomy problem set, but I still have to read my astronomy textbook, as well as the entirety of Twelfth Night for my Shakespeare class tomorrow.

This weekend I attended a three-day workshop offered through the theatre department, taught by Quinn Bauriedel, a man who studied with Jaques Le Coq and co-founded the Pig Iron Theatre Company in Philadelphia. On Friday and Saturday, we worked on nothing but intense, focused physical movement and acting for 8 hours. It was absolutely amazing! I feel as if I have learned so, so much and that I have grown, in such a small time, such a large amount as an actor. (I should note that I didn't end up attending today's final session, because I am terrified of clowns and the workshop today was devoted exclusively to the study of clown movement. Needless to say, not my thing.)

Last night was Drag Ball at Mount Holyoke, and Leanne, Olivia, and I all dressed up like classy men! Paola let us borrow a ton of her clothes, and Leanne lent Paola a dress, tights, and heels so that she could dress as a classy lady. The dance itself was so much fun, without a doubt the most fun I have had at any social event since I came to college. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get around to having the time to actually upload pictures from my camera.

I also have an embarrassing amount of laundry to do. I'll do it eventually; right now I'm just determined not to fall behind on my course work.

Such is college life, no?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I promise to make more of an effort to actually write here more often.