Monday, March 28, 2011

My "aha!" moment of the day.

I just researched the side effects of Adderall, only to discover that in rare instances, continuous chewing and/or teeth clenching may occur. That is basically the description of the weird problem I was having with my jaw last night! My teeth felt so pressured and I could not focus on anything else but the sensation persisting in my mouth. I have never had this problem before, which concerns me slightly. But at least now I know why even now, hours after I "woke up" (read: saw that the time was 7 AM and decided that I could finally stop trying to fall asleep), I am still clenching my teeth subconsciously.

I need to stop but I do not know how! The medicine has to run its course, which takes hours and hours. Booooo.

Also, I had a cup of coffee this morning. Gross, gross, gross. Caffeine has no effect on me anyway, but I downed a cup on the off chance that it might miraculously wake me up. No such luck. I do, however, have a stomachache now. I am officially never drinking another cup of coffee in my life.

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