Monday, December 27, 2010


This morning I woke up to my dad making waffles in his new Belgian waffle maker. They were delicious and promptly afterward my entire family settled down to watch "Toy Story 3." I had yet to see it (none of us had seen it yet, actually) and it was so delightful! I cried more than once - a result, I think, not only of the excellent writing and my soft heart, but also of the nostalgia and poignancy of having grown up with the films. I was about the same age as Andy when "Toy Story" first came to theaters, and now, years and years later, Andy went off to college at the same time as I did. This was a clever move on Pixar's part, but also a beautiful tribute to a generation of kids who grew in maturity while never losing imagination.

This afternoon a bunch of us went sledding at the Chocksett football fields in Sterling. It was freezing, but so much fun! The wind whipping at our faces, we later found out, was moving at a staggering 58 miles per hour. (Ouch.) But the snow was perfect for angels and for sliding down the steeps of the fields. So many people stayed inside today - and are sensible for doing so - but I am glad that we were able to gather together and appreciate this gift from Mother Nature for a few hours. 

I smiled and laughed a lot today.

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