Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm about to commence the third leg of brainstorming for my "Sovereign Bodies" seminar essay.

By "third leg," I mean I've already scrapped ideas twice. But I think I've finally hit upon something solid.

By "about to commence," I mean I am likely to procrastinate for at least another half an hour, which is a half of an hour that I really cannot spare.

I have three essays to write in the next two and a half weeks. That's 7,000 words in 17 days. Actually, more like 14 days, as I'm off to the Scottish Highlands for the entire weekend (eek!) and am likely to spend all of Sunday, November 11th at the Scotland vs. New Zealand rugby match (also eek!).

So: 26 pages in 14 days. Not to mention many hours of supplementary reading, as well as the regularly-scheduled reading for my courses.

I can do this. I might not sleep much, and I might go insane, but I can do this.

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