Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last night, Laura and I went to see Leanne in her opening night performance of the show "A Hotel on Marvin Gardens." It has been an inordinately long amount of time since I have last been able to watch her perform, and she did such a beautiful job! She made me laugh, delivered her monologues with gusto and precision, and did the sexiest wet hair toss I have ever seen. ;) I am really proud of her.

Today I worked at the EcoTarium. It was the first time  I have been there since the news about Kenda was released to the public, and there was definitely a noticeable change in mood. Everyone was still cheerful, of course, and quite excited to be at the museum, but sad smiles were passed between fellow employees and every now and then a guest would ask about her death or acknowledge her passing. It was a sad feeling, but also one of respect and memory. We have received tons of e-mails from Worcester-area residents telling stories about having "grown up" with Kenda ever since they were little, ever since she was born in 1983. Twenty-seven years is an extremely long time, especially for a polar bear, and she left behind a huge void, one which we are nowhere near ready to start filling. (Rumors are already circulating that we are getting penguins. PENGUINS! Cute idea, but untrue.)

I lost my favorite ring last night, a vintage piece from my great grandmother. It is silver with a red stone, beautiful beautiful beautiful, and I am so upset that I cannot find it anywhere. I keep hoping maybe it will turn up, but I think truthfully I am less optimistic and more so unwilling to admit it has disappeared. (If I did admit this to myself, I might cry.)

I am tired but, reflecting on my day, I am content with the work I did (and frankly looking forward to my paycheck next week). I think I will stay in tonight, hang out with my family, and maybe watch a little "Veronica Mars." My mum is baking a ham for dinner and the smell has wafted up through the Juliet window in our family room and into my room and it smells deeeeelicious Iamsohungry.

I had fun Thursday night, too. I have already said this, elsewhere, but I think it is worth saying again here. I had fun Thursday night. I laughed a lot.

It is nice to be reminded of how wonderful it feels to smile.

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