Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hickie

I mouth
sorry in the mirror when I see
the mark I have made just now
loving you.
Easy to say it's alright
like blasphemy is for believers but
even in our
situation simple etiquette says
love should leave us both unmarked.
You are on loan to me like a library book
and we both know it.
Fine if you love both of us
but neither of us must too much show it.

In my misted mirror
you trace two toothprints
on the skin of your shoulder and sure
you're almost quick enough
to smile out bright and clear for me
as if it was okay.

Friends again, together in this bathroom
we finish washing love away.

-Liz Lochhead


  1. This is very brilliant. I know I appreciate it because the first thing I did after reading it was read it again! :-)

  2. Yes, if only I'd written it myself!

  3. I wish I could like Leanne's comment. I did the exact same thing lol.