Thursday, March 31, 2011


I went to bed at ten o'clock last night and slept for almost ten hours. I am not sure that has ever happened on a weekday before here at Mount Holyoke. Success! Although nothing particularly huge happened today, I did manage to finally wash about three weeks' worth of laundry. Now all my clothes are clean and I will actually have garments to wear when I go out in public (finding things to wear today was harder than it should have been). I go home Saturday morning and I know my parents would absolutely kill me if I were to bring my dirty clothes home with me. I always avoid bringing laundry home if I can. (Not to mention it hogs so much space in my weekend bag.)

Even though nothing very exciting has occurred today, I am in good spirits. Noreen is letting me borrow her bike for my Skin rehearsal tonight and I could not be more thankful. Walking across campus every weeknight, both to Rooke Theatre and back to Ham Hall, has become a huge pain. Despite how safe the college is at night, walking by myself in the dark sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies, so being able to cycle to and from rehearsal will be so lovely! I am planning to bring my bike back with me to school when I return on Sunday. Then, once it gets sunny out (did you hear me, Mother Nature?), I can ride it to my classes and just bask in the general wonderfulness that is Spring!

Happy last day of March, everyone!

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