Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Milk and Honey

Today I witnessed a girl get hit by a car. It feels completely surreal to me now, with so many hours separating me from that moment, but it was terrifying. I remember it relatively clearly: as I walked toward my first class of the day - Acting 105, all the way across campus in Rooke Theatre - I passed by Blanchard, the campus center. Around this time was when I thought to myself, "Today is going to be a beautiful day." No sooner had I finished deciding this than I heard a blood-draining thud and a muffled scream. Ahead of me, a girl in a light blue North Face was on her hands and her knees on the ground, and a regular-sized pick-up truck had lurched to a halt a few feet from the scene of the accident. Next thing I knew, the girl was up, bouncing around proclaiming she was "alright, alright" and hurrying toward the health center. The truck driver seemed completely shell-shocked. "I didn't even see you," he kept saying, as if he needed to hear the words more than she did.

My acting professor told me that her friend once accidentally hit someone with his car and was subsequently traumatized by the event. "He said he never felt the same after hearing the noise of a car hitting a fellow human."

It's enough to make my stomach flip a few times.

Disregarding the unsettling start to my morning, today was, indeed, lovely! I had a great time in my theatre class and I think my French quiz went all right. I didn't make a ton of headway on my history paper - in fact, I realized after class today that I did half of my research incorrectly - but I am somehow not freaking out about its impending due date. Both rehearsals, for The Skin of Our Teeth and Play Dead, went very well, although my voice will likely be shot in the morning from projecting so much while I'm still sick. Nevertheless, I am here, at my desk at twelve in the morning on this Wednesday in March, and I am in a surprisingly good mood. I have taken some Nyquil and I'm off to go try to pound out a rough draft of this research paper in the common room. Olivia said she'll join me since she has practically an entire book to read for an exam tomorrow.

Midterms are fun! Not really.


  1. anything to do with cars completely freaks me out. i hope the girl is okay, and i'm glad you're in a good mood :-)

  2. can you like, update, kthx