Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh quel jour est aujourd'hui.

I have been studying for almost six hours now and I know I have at least two more ahead of me. Stats was difficult but French is proving to be nearly impossible to grasp. I haven't even packed my things to go home tomorrow yet, either. One roommate is asleep, two are watching "Lost," but the girls above (or is it below?) me will not stop making noise. My bed is right near a vent and I can hear every word (or weird noise) they make, including those private ones I have zero interest in overhearing.

French is swirling in and out of my brain. As soon as I think I have remastered a concept, I come across an example that I cannot comprehend. I try to assuage my panic by convincing myself that surely I had these same struggles when I first learned how to speak and write English as a toddler, but somehow I don't believe it. Mastering foreign languages is not by any means easy, but at the same time, it frustrates me how quickly I lose the information after learning it originally. Nothing seems to stick anymore! Et maintenant, je suis très fatiguée.

On the bright side, I am trying to keep myself awake so I am eating Cheez-its (it's almost midnight, gross, I know), and I just ate a burnt one. Burnt Cheez-its are my absolute favorite. If they ever sold reject boxes that were filled to the brim only with burnt Cheez-its, I would buy the entire stock.

Look at me, I'm talking about square orange crackers. This is not the mind of a girl with the ability to take exams in nine hours. I am going to be dead before my pencil even touches the paper.

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