Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tomorrow morning I am working at the food pantry for NHS but I'm ridiculously excited anyway because I've always wanted to volunteer at a food pantry before. Afterward Katie Collins and I are going out to brunch! I love brunch. And I don't have Comp rehearsal again until Sunday, which makes me happy. I have work both days this weekend, though, and as much as I love my job I'm going to admit that I'm not looking forward to either is one of those things where I absolutely dread it until right after I finish, and then I look back and I think, That wasn't so bad. I know everyone feels like this sometimes, but I just wish it didn't come to me after work.

This entire post is just me rambling and I hate the way that the words I've typed echo back at me. They sound ugly and clumsy together and I think I'll just cut myself off now since I clearly have nothing to say.

It's one of those days.

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