Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thinking Again

01. Frosted Flakes are good. Just plain good.
02. Yesterday on the radio I heard a Christmas song about a child's immense longing to receive a hippopotamus from Santa Claus. Suddenly my day seemed forty-thousand times brighter.
03. "We don't judge the bull, we only celebrate our good fortune."
04. Stores no longer carry old-fashioned bottle openers. This makes me sad.
05. I got a letter in the mail today. A real letter.
06. The 1-10 smiley-face pain chart at the hospital needs to be reexamined. If a 6 is severe pain, why is the smiley face merely making an "eh" face?
07. I wish more people hung mistletoe.
08. Sweaters and plaid and v-necks make me happy.
09. Currently my head feels like an anvil came and crushed my skeleton.
10. I think I killed ten trees writing the Thanksgiving-break syntax paper for Tarmey.
11. Spray paint + plastic frisbee = unpleasant smell.
12. Good morning? Good night.


  1. The anvil... it came... and it crushed my skeleton.

  2. 1. i totally agree, frosted flakes are SO GOOD
    2. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!
    3. i'm digging the quote
    4. that does suck. i love the old fashion bottles, it makes me feel that i'm living in the 50s
    9. I totally get the feeling
    10. SAME. i felt so bad for the trees :(

  3. My grandma loves the song "I Want a Hippotamus for Christmas." It made me happy that someone else had heard that song too!