Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yellow Cardigan

Today reminded me how much I truly love my life.

Nothing especially fantastic happened. I actually had a test long-block that made me a little ball of nerves for the entire morning. I worry too much. I've also felt bogged down lately. School has me stressed already, and at times tensions in my family run high.

I am missing certain people immensely.

But there was something about today that just made me happy. Katie and I were talking yesterday, and I told her how moving to Holden, in retrospect, is one of the best things to ever have happened to me. I've met people here who I feel, in the deepest and most real of ways, are genuine friends. I can't even explain it--I just feel very safe here. Very content.

Yesterday my physics teacher said, "Just remember, half of life is being there."

Today was a celebration of that truth. Being around people felt wonderful. I laughed. I smiled in that rare way, where you can almost feel the creases of your lips reach up and touch your eyelashes. I could feel my eyes sparkle. There was an energy running through me, surrounding me that made me happy to be alive.

And nothing amazing happened.
That's the amazing thing about it.

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