Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lots of Bones Here

Because I'm working at the EcoTarium now, my employee pass gets me into most of the museums in Massachusetts for free. A lot of them will let me take a guest too! I never expected for fortune to throw such an incredible gift at me. Culture.

In a lot of ways, I am in a wonderful place. School has me constantly working but at the moment I feel no stress. My entire family is getting along and there is currently peace and harmony (a rare but welcomed occurence!). I truly believe I have met the most sincere, genuine and loving people since I moved here. Better than that, I can call them friends.

In other ways, I am still confused. There are two people I need to talk to. One I physically can't, and every fiber in my being has me clawing to find some way to reach him. I've asked him to come visit in my dreams. I have faith in his eventual arrival.

The other, I struggle thinking about. It is this inability that inhibits me from picking up a phone and sharing my voice between us once more.


My old neighbors introduced me to Seth Glier two years ago. He is not very well known, but I loved his music then and I decided yesterday to return once more to it. It's been playing non-stop since, both out loud and in my head, in particular "Someone Else to Crown."

"Well I can’t cry or just let go when everybody tells me so
that you don’t smile like before, you won’t hum or even soar
...You were not one for divide."

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  1. Everyone finds their best best friends senior year. It's true.
    I am excited about your museum pass!! Take me when I come home?