Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am glad today is over.

I'm not particularly sure why I'm so relieved. Nothing terrible happened. I actually had a relatively nice day of school. After school let out we had a brief meeting for the Drama officers, which culminated in an hour-long quest to find the floor of the Theater Tech Room. I sat in the loft sorting through dusty suitcases and crates, making an inventory list of all the random props we never knew we had.

Weirdest finds: pig nose mask, 13 pairs of suspenders, bag of used make-up pads (ew), half-eaten Reese's cup (disgusting).

It wasn't until I had begun my journey into the abyss of theater crap that I started to feel weird. I can't really explain it, but suddenly I was tired. I felt physically exhausted, but emotionally, too. Sitting in the loft--I was alone up there--left me with ample time to let my mind wander. I thought about a lot of things, often without truly realizing what I was thinking about. Sometimes mindless thought processes are the most draining. You don't feel their toll until they've long deserted your brain, and all you're left with is a muddled consciousness.

I've been victim to a lot of absent thinking lately.
Each time, I'm left feeling emptied.

Sleep can't alleviate the fatigue I suffer from.
I'm not sure what will.

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